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The Most Easy To Use Platform For School Dismissal

Simple Solutions

The best thing about our school dismissal manager is its simplicity. 

Schoolhouse Driveline is easy for everyone involved and requires no additional hardware. We designed our school dismissal platform to grow with your school and made it customizable to accommodate your school’s particular needs. 

You can upload, edit, and update Family IDs, student, teacher, and classroom info with ease, as well as adjust for substitute teachers and absent students. 

You can even compose a “Message of the Day” to convey important information that can be viewed on every Driveline Classroom display.

"The Schoolhouse Driveline software enables us to move over 500 students from their classrooms to their cars!"
Andrew Moore
Principal | Flagstaff Academy, CO

Parents & Tech Support

We know you love your students’ parents but you don’t want to be the IT support desk for their pickup/dismissal apps.

Beyond displaying a placard in their vehicle window at pickup time, Schoolhouse Driveline allows your school to run the operation entirely without parental involvement. 

Greatly reduce the time your school staff needs to spend on operational or software issues, answering questions or sorting out other driveline problems. 

If it just so happens that you are the one who needs help, give us a call and we will take great care of you

We Love Mom & Dad, but...

Numerous schools have switched to SchoolHouse Driveline after experiencing issues with parent login, phone and hardware compatibility, and increased technical support issues for parents. The school’s front desk becomes the technical help desk. We have even seen applications that are parent-controlled.

Driveline puts schools in control making student pick-up a streamlined and efficient process!

Valuing Teachers

Your teachers’ time is valuable. 

Our dismissal platform minimizes end-of-day chaos and allows your teachers to spend more time teaching and planning and less time dealing with the stress of figuring out who’s going where and when.

helping safely
dismiss kids since 2008

There’s more to SchoolHouse Driveline
than our software 

Schoolhouse Driveline’s dismissal manager has been helping schools manage their dismissal for 15 years. We take great pride in the quality and reliability of Schoolhouse Driveline as well as our friendly customer support team.

School Dismissal Safety

Enhanced school safety is a top priority and a dismissal platform must have. 

With Schoolhouse Driveline your students will remain safely in their classrooms, whether they are walkers, bus riders or waiting to be picked up. 

No more chaotic crowds of kids outside near traffic and no worries about their standing outside in the heat, cold or bad weather for long periods of time. 

Not only will you have a quicker, more streamlined dismissal process, our platform allows you to keep track of each student’s status throughout the process, whether they are still in the classroom, dismissed from the classroom or departed from school grounds.

Its time for Less stress

Ready to make your driveline a Schoolhouse Driveline?