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The Perfect School Dismissal Manager That is Simple, safe & efficient

Tame the after-school driveline, enhance school safety and achieve faster school dismissals with our secure web-based, easy-to-use school dismissal manager platform for car line pickup management

One Annual Fee

Your first year includes a 60-day free trial bringing your price down to $748 from the $935 current annual price. We do not nickel and dime our clients with hidden fees or charge per student, classroom, or device.

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School Dismissal in

3 Easy Steps

Step 1


One or more staff members are stationed outside to enter the Family ID numbers displayed on the placards hanging on the rearview mirror of each arriving vehicle.

Step 2


All student names associated with the entered Family ID number are immediately displayed in the classroom to indicate the vehicle arrival and pick-up zone location.

Step 3

School Dismissal

Students proceed to their vehicle and depart. That’s it!

Teachers & Administrators Agree

Schoolhouse Driveline passes with flying colors and is by far the best school dismissal platform available today! 

Make school pickup/dismissal the best part of the day with a simple-to-understand and easy-to-use platform that results in faster dismissals while keeping kids safer. 

See for yourself with a 60 day, no-risk trial!

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April Wilkin

Assistant Principal,
Prospect Ridge Academy
Broomfield, CO

“We’ve been thrilled with the safety and efficiency of our new driveline software.

We can rest assured that our students’ are ready for pick-up as soon as their car pulls in the drive, and students and parents are happy knowing they can get out quickly!”

Bob Barber

Ben Franklin Academy
Highlands Ranch, CO

“We have reduced our afternoon pickup times by more than 30 minutes!

The software is very easy to use…we have increased safety for our students…gone are the days of having the entire student body waiting out front for their carpool and running around because their carpool is not there.”

Tammy Thorn

Assistant Principal
Legacy Academy
Elizabeth, CO

“SchoolHouse Driveline has helped us to maximize the time of our school staff.

Thankful we have found Driveline. It is very beneficial for our school and teachers are getting to finish out their day’s and go home earlier.”

Simple Is best

Why We Make
The Grade

Simplicity along with robust functionality is key. Schoolhouse Driveline is very easy to understand and use. It requires no additional hardware, is designed to grow along with your school and is very customizable to accommodate your school’s particular needs. 

You can upload, edit and update Family IDs, student, teacher and classroom info with ease as well as adjust for substitute teachers and absent students. You can even compose a “Message of the Day” to convey important information that can be viewed on every Driveline Classroom display.

Parents do not have the app installed on their phones and simply show their Family ID to pick up their kids. Administrators and staff are the only logged in users of the Schoolhouse Driveline school dismissal manager app. 

We intentionally put school staff in the “drivers seat” of their dismissal process so it is streamlined and efficient for everyone. 


Your Toolbox,

Here’s how we ace the pick-up and dismissal part of every school day.

Family IDs

Your school assigns a family ID number to each student (or families with multiple students can have one ID number representing them all).

An ID can be any number up to 5 digits.

These ID’s and corresponding student information are securely uploaded to our platform. 

We are happy to provide ready-to-use, durable and reusable hang tags for schools to hand out to parents.  

car waiting in school pickup lane

Driveline Dispatch

One or more staff members from your school use a simple, calculator-type application to enter the Family ID number of each arriving vehicle in the driveline. A Family ID may also be entered from the school office or in the walk-up area.

Driveline Dispatch runs on any computer, Apple IOS, or Android mobile device. Schoolhouse Driveline supports a downloadable IOS and Android application for optimal performance.

Driveline Classroom

Utilizing any device with a web browser including smart boards and projectors, Driveline Classrooms will immediately display the student’s name(s) along with their Family ID and pick-up location of the waiting vehicle outside.

Schoolhouse Driveline supports up to nine color-coded pick-up locations where each color indicates a different location on the campus. The location for the awaiting parent/vehicle is displayed in the classroom along with the students name and Family ID.

Driveline Classroom is viewable on any device with a modern web browser.

Bus Riders, Bike Riders, Carpoolers & Walkers

In addition to the vehicle driveline, Schoolhouse Driveline also works seamlessly with schools that have students who ride the bus, ride their bikes, carpool with other families or walk to and from school.

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Pricing & FAQ's

Give us a call to chat with our friendly, in-person support desk during our regular office hours. 

(833) 384.4072 | 8AM – 5PM
Monday-Friday, MST

Price & Subscription Details

Schoolhouse Driveline provides an affordable and low-cost solution that is billed one time a year per campus.  


• $748 for 1st year (includes 60-day free trial)

• $935 annually for the 2nd year and beyond

No sliding charges are based on the number of students, teachers, or logins. Our annual fee is pro-rated for the first year to accommodate your 60-day free trial. We provide hands-on, full-service tech support for any school using Schoolhouse Driveline. 

Contact us by phone or email, and a friendly team member will be happy to answer your questions.

Yes, no payment information is required until the end of the free 60-day trial. If you do not wish to continue using us after the trial you walk away, no strings attached.

The Schoolhouse Driveline dismissal platform is licensed on a per campus basis. The license includes access to the dismissal management service, the IOS and Android dispatch applications with no limits on the number of logins, students, or teachers. We also provide live support during our regular business hours.

There are no limitations on the number of devices, classrooms or the number of students. Our dismissal platform also allows for up to 9 different pickup locations and Family ID numbers up to 5 digits.

Common Questions

No, and we did this on purpose, otherwise your school office becomes the parent’s support-desk for your dismissal management platform. With our platform parents simply show up, make sure their Family ID is visible to the dispatcher and pick up their child.

Using Schoolhouse Driveline begins with our free 60-day trial. After the trial, your service will be continued with a pro-rated fee and renewed yearly. The fee includes technical support and software upgrades so you always have access to assistance as well as the latest features.

Yes, the annual fee includes technical support and software upgrades so you always have access to the latest features.

Absolutely, we have regular office hours and a live support team ready to walk you through our simple onboarding process and to assist you with any questions thereafter.

If you are unsatisfied connect with our friendly support desk immediately.

Customer service is our highest priority and we move quickly to solve any problem our clients have. 

If you’re still unsatisfied after we’ve had a chance to make things right, you’re welcome to discontinue your service. 

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